Since joining Ascension Strength and Conditioning I have had huge improvements in my Olympic lifts and overall physical preparedness. The individual coaching from Ascension is tailored directly to my goals and life schedule. Regular coach check ins and feedback are invaluable??
Mark M
Canberra, Australia
Ascension took me from an avid gym goer with no knowledge or experience of powerlifting to someone who could comfortably compete in a powerlifting competition within 3 weeks. I was surprised at how smoothly they could coach me from the other side of the world, but it worked!
Aleesha S
Dubai, UAE
Pete is a fantastic coach. He helped me increase my squat PR and he also coached me in my very first ICN bikini competition, where I placed 4th. Great programming, and training with him is always a blast.
Caitlin S
The visible (numbers and aesthetic) results in a short period of time reflect Coach Pete’s ability to seriously tailor individual programming to achieve the best results. Flexibility in Pete’s programming has allowed me to attain results I couldn’t have on my own, whilst at the same time enjoying a balanced life outside the gym.
Matthew S


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